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Substance Abuse Alert: West Virginia Expands Medicaid Program to Cover Naloxone Treatment, Methadone Treatment and Short-Term Residential Treatment for Substance Use Disorders

In 2015, West Virginia experienced the highest rate of deaths due to opioid overdoses in the United States, resulting in 41.5 deaths per 100,000 people, and a remarkable one-year increase in opioid deaths of 15%. The opioid crisis in West Virginia has garnered a lot of attention, including concerted efforts by the State and federal governments to increase the availability of treatment options to stem the crisis, especially for the Medicaid eligible population. Read More ›

Dos and Dont's for Providers Under Investigation

As we all know, health care providers such as physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses are licensed with their State Board of Medical Examiners or Board of Nursing to legally practice medicine or nursing in the state of their licensure. State Departments of Health often receive complaints—and whether these complaints are valid or not—the State Department of Health may be legally obligated to investigate the complaint, if warranted. However, most providers—and their employers—tend to panic when notified that a provider is under investigation. So, what does it mean, exactly, for a provider to be under investigation, and what should a provider and their employer do about it? Read More ›

Tort Reform Hits Kentucky! But – Does “Reform” Mean “Improvement?”

Kentucky Capital Building

“Tort reform” has been a buzzword in the news and legal communities for some time. What does it mean? Generally speaking, it is an effort under state law to limit or mitigate the amounts paid in personal injury and medical malpractice lawsuits. Read More ›

Closing Window for Physicians to Earn Medicare Bonuses Based on 2017 Performance

Healthcare Business

For most physicians with significant Medicare business, October 2 marks the beginning of the last window to report 2017 performance data in order to earn a potential bump in their 2019 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule payments. Read More ›

West Virginia Physician Alert: Remember, You Are Recommending Medical Marijuana, Not Prescribing It.

West Virginia Medical Marijuana prescribing vs. recommending part 2

In West Virginia, medical marijuana will soon be a treatment option for physicians and patients, and it’s vital that both parties understand the difference between a “prescription” and a “recommendation.”  Otherwise, a physician may face serious sanctions if this is not made clear in all communications. Read More ›

Ohio Physician Alert: Remember, You Are Recommending Medical Marijuana, Not Prescribing It.

Ohio Prescribing Medical Marijuana

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is set to begin just a little over a year from now. The proposed rules governing Ohio physicians and their role in marijuana-related treatments must be finalized by September 8, 2017. Read More ›

What is the OIG Exclusion List, and How Could It Affect Your Practice?

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The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services maintains a list of healthcare providers who are excluded from participating in Medicare, Medicaid and all other federal health care programs. Read More ›

Medical Marijuana Takes Root in West Virginia

West Virginia Capitol Building

West Virginia is the 29th state to authorize medical marijuana use. Read More ›

Tips for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Business Applicants

Ohio Medical Marijuana Business

Only 13! That is the percentage of applicants who will ultimately receive an Ohio medical marijuana cultivators’ license. Read More ›

New Kentucky Laws on Schedule II Drug Prescriptions

Prescription Drugs

Kentucky providers with prescriptive authority take note: beginning June 29, 2017, new laws (HB 333) go into effect that significantly impact the prescribing of Schedule II drugs. Schedule II drugs include brand names such as Demerol, OxyContin and Percocet Read More ›

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