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Provider Coalitions Create Hurdle to Universal Coverage Initiatives

The Week In Health Law

  • According to a Bloomberg report, the initiatives for universal health coverage being put forth by Democratic presidential contenders, such as Sen. Bernie Sanders' “Medicare For All” proposal, are already facing strong opposition by multiple groups, including coalitions of healthcare providers.
  • According to the report, interest groups such as The Partnership for America’s Health Care Future are undertaking various actions “designed to undercut support for any expansion of government-provided coverage.” A universal coverage plan would be expected to “end private insurance, hammer pharmaceutical profits, and slash provider payments as much as 40% in the hope of making coverage universal and accessible.”
  • The Partnership’s executive director, Lauren Crawford Shaver, who previously worked in the Obama administration, is quoted as stating: “We want to build upon what is currently working and fix what is not. Candidly, we do not see Medicare for All, Medicare buy-in, or public option helping to accomplish those goals. Our members are not really together on many things in this town, but they are united in this.”   
  • The report also indicates that the real impact of universal coverage “depends on the extent of reimbursement cuts to providers, a detail that remains unspecified in many Democratic proposals.”

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