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The Use of Surety Bonds in Health Care - Part II

This article will go into detail on surety bond requirements that may be imposed on providers of durable medical equipment, prosthetics, orthotics and supplies (DMEPOS), on pharmacies and pharmaceutical dealers and suppliers, as well as specific requirements imposed by certain states. Read More ›

The Use of Surety Bonds in Health Care – Part I

Ohio State Auditor David Yost has noted that Ohio has millions of dollars of unpaid obligations owed by Medicaid providers and has proposed the use of surety bonds to address the problem. Based on recent reports, auditors have identified over $33 million in alleged overpayments to more than 120 providers. Further analysis of a portion of those claims showed that only about 10% of the outstanding balances have been collected. Thus, Mr. Yost proposed the use of surety bonds as a means to recover some of these overpayments and to minimize the problem in the future. Introduced by Senators Lehner and Eklund, Senate Bill 218 is still pending before the Ohio Legislature at the time of this article's publication. Read More ›

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Brian F. Higgins is an associate in FBT's regulated business group with a focus on health care, and he has a history as corporate counsel to Medpace, Inc., a pharmaceutical clinical research organization.