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Dramatic Shift in Federal Enforcement Priorities Related to Legalized Marijuana Use

Medicinal Marijuana

In November of 2017, United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Department of Justice (DOJ) would abide by the Rohrabacher–Blumenauer Amendment which has been interpreted as prohibiting the use of federal dollars to prosecute marijuana-industry participants in specific states that have legalized medical marijuana. Read More ›

Last-Minute Tips for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Processor Applicants

Medical Marijuana processed into oils and edibles

It’s already a stressful time of year, but for those vying for a license to convert marijuana plants into edibles, patches and oils, things have been thrust into overdrive. Read More ›

CMS’ Cuts to the 340B Drug Payment Program Cause Hospital Uproar

CMS Cuts to the 340B Drug Payment Program

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released a Final Rule that will cut 340B drug payments to certain hospitals beginning January 1, 2018. Read More ›

Doctors and Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Law: A Physician’s Guide to Cannabis Compliance

A Physicians Guide to Cannabis Part One

Ohio physicians interested in treating patients with medical marijuana need to understand their obligations under Ohio and federal law. This article is designed as a guide for physicians to learn more about how to comply with Ohio’s medical marijuana lawRead More ›

West Virginia Physician Alert: Remember, You Are Recommending Medical Marijuana, Not Prescribing It.

West Virginia Medical Marijuana prescribing vs. recommending part 2

In West Virginia, medical marijuana will soon be a treatment option for physicians and patients, and it’s vital that both parties understand the difference between a “prescription” and a “recommendation.”  Otherwise, a physician may face serious sanctions if this is not made clear in all communications. Read More ›

Ohio Physician Alert: Remember, You Are Recommending Medical Marijuana, Not Prescribing It.

Ohio Prescribing Medical Marijuana

Ohio’s medical marijuana program is set to begin just a little over a year from now. The proposed rules governing Ohio physicians and their role in marijuana-related treatments must be finalized by September 8, 2017. Read More ›

Medical Marijuana Takes Root in West Virginia

West Virginia Capitol Building

West Virginia is the 29th state to authorize medical marijuana use. Read More ›

Tips for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Business Applicants

Ohio Medical Marijuana Business

Only 13! That is the percentage of applicants who will ultimately receive an Ohio medical marijuana cultivators’ license. Read More ›

Ohio Cultivates Marijuana Dispensary Rules as White House Sends Smoke Signals of Approval

American pulse on Marijuana

President Trump said he was “100 percent” in favor of medical marijuana during his campaign. Read More ›

High Street Releases Proposed Rules for Ohio’s Medical Marijuana Cultivators

Ohio Medical Marijuana Cultivator

Ohio’s medical marijuana regulations are budding. Ohio recently released proposed rules for cultivators, those interested in “growing, harvesting, packaging, and transporting medical marijuana.” Read More ›

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